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Generating Home Buyer Leads

Tactics to get qualified home buyers to call YOU! 


Real estate home buyer leads are the backbone of the real estate business. Without the buyer we are lost! But how do you find the right home buyers for you? We recommend you take a 3-4 marketing strategy approach. What in the world does that mean?


This means you are constantly using 3-4 advertising methods to get your brand in front of buyers at all times. Build your marketing foundation with a combination of digital and traditional advertising and then add a few creative campaigns to peak a buyer's interest. Before you know it, your home buyer pipeline will be a steady stream of business! 


Creating your marketing strategy foundation. 

If your marketing doesn't sound like a broken record than it's not going to work. No matter if you are focused on digital marketing, traditional marketing, or a combination of both, your message needs to be clear and consistent across all media so the consumer will remember YOU! Isn't that the point? 


When developing your primary marketing strategy it's important to keep these areas of advertising constant. You want to commit to these specific areas for a period of time to see the results of their effectiveness. 


Paid digital advertising.

Paid digital advertising is a great primary marketing strategy for any business. Not only does it allow you to target your desired client, it also allows you to control your budget. It's a win-win!


Here's two of the best digital advertising strategies to get your brand noticed.

  • Targeted Social Media Advertising - Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter can get your name and brand into the hands of your desired customer. By using very targeted strategies, such as video advertising and targeted keywords (buy a home in {your city/neighborhood}) to narrow your audience you won't waste your pennies. 

  • Show Off Your Listings with Google Pay-Per-Click - Savvy PPC strategies can get your listings in front of buyers fast. Use location targeting in your campaigns and long-tail keywords to get your ads placed in a prime location.  

(TIP: create specific PPC campaigns that advertise to specific neighborhoods, not just to the city)


Traditional advertising.


Traditional advertising is still highly effective, especially when you keep your messaging consistent online and off. The challenge with traditional media is being wise with your pennies. When planning a traditional marketing campaign don't let a sales rep sell you on the most complex or multi-level program that will destroy your budget. Keep your strategy simple and become a calculated, creative marketing ninja. 


Here's two strategies for simplifying your traditional marketing campaigns.

  • Geographic farming - We all know about demographic advertising but geographic can give you the keys to a literal kingdom, and save you money. This is one of the best strategies for any print advertising or sponsorship campaign (direct mail, door hangers, outdoor advertising, or any sponsorship for a local event in a targeted area). Geographic farming is the practice of targeted marketing efforts in a specific area or neighborhood. Using this technique establishes you as the area expert. Geographic farming is so powerful that 74% of real estate prospects only want to work with an agent who had local or neighborhood-specific knowledge.*

  • Embrace your niche clients - Being all things to all people is never a good plan. Define and establish a core niche customer and let your media dollars become laser focused on what they like, where they are, and what they do. If you choose to buy TV or radio ads do so with the mindset of target, target, target! Pick three days out of the week to run your ads during the same time. By doing this you are creating a consistency for your potential customer. 

    • Define your niche with very specific and narrow guidelines, but also make sure there's enough consumers within that niche to sustain a percent of your business. 

(TIP: Your niche and geographic targeting for traditional advertising should support your digital efforts and visa versa).

*Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2019

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