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Quick Strategies for Planning Your Video Content

Make Your Video Marketing Strategy Easier to Manage

In today's digital world it is important to incorporate video into your marketing plan. There's no better time to learn how to create an awesome video portfolio for your business than right now! You will maximize your time and boost your engagement across multiple social channels in no time flat.

Video has become so important that search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, etc.) reward those who are committed to creating constant video content. The more videos you create, the more your audience will expand, and the larger your content library will become. An expanded video library means you have the opportunity to recycle your content for more viewers to engage over time.  

Part of mastering any video strategy is being prepared ahead of time. Have a pre-determined place to record, create a list of content categories to eliminate creative blocks, and identify your preferred video styles. Once you've established your set, theme, and style you're ready to plan. Rotate through each content theme and style to create a dynamic calendar of video content FAST!

Pre-planning your content for the month will keep your marketing plan stress-free and moving forward. These little habits will keep your real estate business in focus with your audience.   

 5 Quick-action Tips to Creating a Content Calendar

Tip # 1 - Be relevant and in season

Posting a video about 'How to Trim Your Christmas Tree' when you should be posting about 'How to Trim Your Trees for Spring,' won't help your video strategy. Remember, your audience wants to feel like you are engaging with them in real time. Creating seasonal content also means you're creating content that is relevant and reusable, as needed!


Tip #2 - Know your content categories and have associated #hashtags

Having a consistent set of content categories helps you curate the look, feel, and messaging of your brand. Categories allow you to skillfully create conversations about your business without "selling" your business. You should have 9 -12 content categories (i.e. home organization, gardening, sellers' tips, or home styles) that you rotate through to craft the right messaging for you.

It is also important to associate #hashtags with your content categories. Why? Because hashtags help you gain more followers, improve your online reputation, and are trackable. 

Here's a quick real estate hashtag library to copy and paste:

#RealEstate #Realty #Broker #ForSale #NewHome #HouseHunting #Property #Properties #InvestmentProperty #Home #Housing #Mortgage #HouseForSale #Selling #Listing #JustListed #OpenHouse #NewListing #HomeSale #HomeForSale #TidyTips #MomentumMakers #WeekendWarrior #DIY #HomeGarden #Remodel #BeforeAndAfter #DreamHome #CurbAppeal #VirtualTour #HomeSellersTips #HomeBuyersTips 


Tip #3 - Master the video styles you are most comfortable with

Don't confuse your audience and make your life harder by trying to master all the video styles. Pick 3 videos styles to master and stick with them. Not only will this save you time because you can perfect your own system, it will also boost your confidence in front of the camera. When you are comfortable within a certain video style, your audience will pick up on your confidence. And confidence builds trust. 


Tip #4 - Optimize your videos for your social platform

In order to stay relevant and capture your audience’s attention, it is critical to optimize your video content and use the correct social media video specs. Each social platform has its own set of rules that you must follow for the algorithm to reward you for your video efforts. Make sure you stay current on each platform's regulations. 


Tip #5 - Save time! Record and schedule your posts in bulk

Having good time management will help your video content become turn-key. By allocating a day and time to record, schedule, and  pre-populate your videos, you are guaranteed to become a successful video content curator. In this case, a little thoughtful pre-planning can triple the reward with consistent video content. 


Let's check out how our video content calendar turned out!  


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday




#TidyTip - Creating Space in Your Cabinets:

Facebook and Instagram Live


#VirtualTour - 123 Perfect Place

Pre-Recorded Post FB and YouTube

#OpenHouse - 123 Perfect Place

Facebook and Instagram Live

#HomeSellerTip - Purpose of a Professional Stager

Pre-Recorded Post FB and YouTube


#TidyTip - The Power of White Space:

Facebook and Instagram Live






#VirtualTour - 123 Paradise Lane

Pre-Recorded Post FB and YouTube

#HomeBuyerWebinar - Practical Tips for Digital Tours

Live Webinar (Record)


#OpenHouse - 123 Paradise Lane

Facebook and Instagram Live

#TidyTip - Create the Illusion of Space

Facebook and Instagram Live

#HomeBuyerTip - Practical Tips for Digital Tours

Webinar Clip #1 Post FB and YouTube


#VirtualTour - 123 Havenwood Court

Pre-Recorded Post FB and YouTube


#OpenHouse - 123 Havenwood Court

Facebook and Instagram Live



#HomeBuyerTip - Practical Tips for Digital Tours

Webinar Clip #2 Post FB and YouTube






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