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Real Estate Agent Workshops: Sharing Strategies for Success

Throughout the year, Churchill Mortgage offers real estate professionals free workshops on hot topics and proven strategies to strengthen their business in the competitive environment.

We welcome you to join our workshops as we explore best-in-class business strategies and learn from experts in our industry.

Speakers include motivational speaker, entrepreneur and business Coach Michael Burt, who recently led: “Turn Your Elevator Pitch Into Money.” This session taught real estate agents how to grow sustainable networks, establish meaningful relationships and partnerships, generate more leads, increase production and improve closing ratios.

A middle-Tennessee native with nearly two decades of motivational and training experience, Coach Burt has authored 10 books on leadership and is a critically-acclaimed keynote speaker. As the founder of Michael Burt Enterprises, he now coaches and leads some of the top companies in the world with his two specialty programs (“Turn Your Managers into Coaches” and “Monster Producer”) and “The Total Growth Academy,” an interactive, virtual training platform. 

“Everyone possesses the potential to be successful – it’s simply a matter of unlocking and tapping into it. In the mortgage industry, the most successful real estate agents are the ones who relentlessly pursue setting new standards in the delivery of services,” said Mike Hardwick, president of Churchill Mortgage. “Leveraging Coach Burt’s unparalleled ability to provoke positive change, personal and professionally, this workshop will unlock that potential and provide all who attend with a refreshing and empowering approach to their business.”

To learn more about partnering with Churchill or attending a free workshop, please call us at 888.562.6200 or send us an email: partners@churchillmortgage.com


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