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6 Simple Ways to Help Prepare Your Kids for a Move

Whether you’re moving across the country or just to the other side of town, it’s important to keep in mind that your kids will want to help somehow! Here’s 6 simple ways to get your kids involved in the move: 

1. Talk about the move.

Open the lines of communication early. Talk about why your family is moving. As a parent, you know what gets your kiddos excited. Is mommy or daddy starting a new job? Are you moving to be closer to family? Tell the kids how much more time they get to spend with grandma (aka - the endless candy bowl and hugger extraordinaire).

Whatever the reason for moving, be open with your kids so they feel comfortable telling you their concerns. With open communication, you can address their fears and share the joy of a new adventure as a family.

2. Take them to look at houses.

Depending on the age of your children, taking them to look at houses with you gives them a sense of ownership in the process. Seeing potential new houses and most importantly, the backyard, will make the process fun! And when you leave the house, ask about their favorite (or least favorite) part of the house. These questions may surprisingly get YOU thinking and help narrow down options.

3. Once you’ve picked your house, take them to see their room or the new neighborhood.

Take the kids over to the new house, if you can. Most homeowners, especially if the buying/selling process has gone smoothly, will let you set up an appointment to see the house during the process. This is a great time to talk about paint colors and where furniture can go.

4. Schedule a tour at their new school. 

If you’re moving into a different school district, will your kids be pumped up that the new school won the state championship in football last season or will they love that the new school has a tremendous arts program? Take them for a tour and show your kids the new school! Most schools will let you set up a meeting with the principal, and perhaps a coach or a teacher so your child can become familiar before they begin school. Give them the confidence to tackle those first few days!

If a personal tour isn’t an option, look at the school’s website or Facebook page with your child. Look to see if there is a Facebook group available and request to join. This is a great way to get to know other parents, too!

5. Put them to work in a yard sale!

A move is a perfect reason to have a yard sale. Clean out the attic, get rid of clothes and toys your kids have outgrown. A yard sale is an opportunity to get your kids involved at any age—they can count money, color signs to put at the corner of your street, greet shoppers, and much more.

6. Let them help you pack!

Packing can be tough, and a few extra sets of hands will help tremendously. Your kids can help you pack, but they may need some directions. Have them start by helping pack their toys rather than great grandma’s heirloom china. Consider putting on a “packing do’s and don’ts” family session a few weeks before the move.

Remember, kids will watch and imitate the cues you give, so stay positive! Moving is challenging for any age. Be open and talk through any fears your children may have and discover new ways to make the move fun!

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