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Outdoor living areas are essential parts of many homes. Many homeowners enjoy spending time outdoors and invest in making their outdoor living areas both beautiful and suitable for the season. For those homeowners living in areas of colder winters, it can be harder to enjoy the outdoors given the cooler conditions. Consider these tips to extend your patio season year-round to use more of your outdoor living space. 

1. Purchase A Heating Element

There are many different heating products on the market that are great to incorporate into an outdoor living space. You’ll find large patio heaters that offer a wide range of heat from a central location that is great for bigger patios or when you are entertaining a small group. Smaller heating options that can sit on a side table are an excellent choice for those individuals looking to spend time outdoors but don’t want to bother heating the entire patio area. Heaters are usually adjustable depending on the temperatures as well as the amount of heat that you want to provide. You can add a small amount of heat to take the edge off of colder temperatures or give a blast of heat that will make the area feel much warmer as well.

2. Create a Wind Block

Many homeowners don’t mind the cold temperatures as much as the cold wind that can make the temperatures feel much lower than they are. Consider creating a wind block for your patio area to make it more comfortable. You can use outdoor screens as well as outdoor curtains that will help to divert the cold wind. Other options include using winter plants to provide a thick and more natural fence to block cold wind conditions, and even add some color.

3. Incorporate Extra Lighting

Colder winter temperatures also bring forth the arrival of earlier sunsets. This drastic change in natural light can deter you from using your outdoor space. Consider installing extra lighting options to your outdoor area to provide enough light to enjoy the space. Hanging strands of lights along the outside edge of the patio will help to outline the landscaping as well as provide ambient lighting. Choose a central source of light on a dining table or side table that will aid in reading a good book or chatting with friends. Incorporating extra lighting to your patio will help to make the space more inviting to use it year-round.

4. Add Cozy Elements

Many homeowners enjoy sipping on a cup of coffee or tea while wrapped up in a cozy blanket. Make sure that your outdoor area has warm blankets and throws on hand to provide comfort amidst the arrival of colder temperatures. Consider storing these items in an easily accessible outdoor storage bin as well. Add pillows and outdoor rugs to your outdoor-space to provide another layer of warmth for seating areas. Adding in these cozy elements will help you spend more time outdoors without getting too uncomfortable.

5. Plant Winter Varieties

Although the number of plants that bloom in the fall or winter is minimal, there are still options for creating a beautiful winter scene along with your outdoor patio area. Consider planting Winter Jasmine or Camellia that both bloom in winter for a beautiful addition of color. Choosing to add plants that have a fall or winter interest qualities will encourage you to come out to enjoy the space more often. These plants usually bloom during the fall or turn an enjoyable harvest color.

Using your patio all year long is a great way to make use of the outdoor living space of your home. Consider adding cozy elements to your patio space as well as planting new fall and winter blooming plants to enjoy. Adding extra lighting will help you use your outdoor space for more extended amounts of time despite the quickly setting sun. Wind blocks and heating elements will also assist in making it accessible to guests. Consider all of these five tips to extend your patio season year-round to use your outdoor living space more.

 By: Lucy Crawford is a home design and DIY writer, and lover of herbal tea.  With her busy hands, she is always challenging herself with a new DIY project. She enjoys designing spaces where she can relax and enjoy a good book.

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