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Recent Shout-Outs & Feedback

Posted by Churchill Mortgage on Jun 4, 2018 11:35:23 AM
Churchill Mortgage

Don't just take our word for it, see what recent reviews have come in about our Home Loan Specialists at Churchill Mortgage over the past month.

Josh L. for Andrew Schmidt -  I really enjoyed working with the Churchill group, they made the experience easy and enjoyable. They worked harder for me than any other financial institution ever has. There accessibility and communication with all parties involved was amazing. I would highly recommend Churchill to anyone looking at buying a new house. I appreciate all your hard work on getting me into my house.

Ann K. for Bridget Herman -  Bridget and staff did a thorough job researching and completing my refinance. I always felt that my best interests came first. I am amazed at the quality of service and ease and expedition of the entire process!

Trevor K. for Shannon Longjohn - Shannon was ALWAYS available. He never gave me the impression of being inconvenienced. He genuinely cared about our house buying process and went out of his way to work toward us feeling good about every step in the process. Shannon was truly a blessing in a process that could have easily become overwhelming.

Jeffrey S. for Gene Gladys - Gene is thorough and professional. I have been in contact with Gene for over 5 year and he promptly answers any questions with detailed responses ensuring comprehension. I would refer him and his team at Churchill to handle any loan and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.

Meagan S. for Chuck Butterfield -  Chuck was in constant communication with us. He always told us exactly what he needed from us, and exactly what was going to happen. We were never left wondering what was happening next or when it would happen. He made this process as quick and easy as it could be!

Lisa D. for Sandi Green - Sandi did a wonderful job to assist us in buying our first home! She is very knowledgeable about the different type of mortgages and will give you her professional advice about how to save money in the long run. Sandi updated us every step of the way to obtain our loan. If you are looking for a relationship that reflects honesty, integrity, and a competent staff I highly recommend Churchill Mortgage!

Virginia P. for Kevin Watson -  I came from out of town and called early on a Tuesday morning thinking I wouldn't get an appointment until later in the week. I ended up being in Kevin's office by noon and he spent an hour and a half with me. After that, communication was great every step of the way. He was able to recommend a real estate agent to me and we stayed in contact when I went back to CA to sell my house there and then purchase here in TN. Everyone was so helpful.

Rachel M. for Richard Fiegel - Richard was fantastic to work with during the home buying process. He is knowledgeable, professional, pleasant, and was always available to explain or answer any questions. We knew exactly all the paperwork that was needed in the beginning, and he kept us up to date on the status of our loan at all times. I would highly recommend Richard to everyone, and would love to get the opportunity to work with him again. Richard is a true asset to Churchill Mortgage and an amazing home loan specialist.

Matthew L. for Geoff Kautzman - Geoff treated us with patience and respect during what could have been a stressful transaction. We highly recommend him!

Gina K. for Darren Edgar - Excellent customer service. Even before I decided to do business with Churchill Mortgage Darren took time to be helpful and give me advice. He and his office were excellent about communicating with me throughout the entire process. They were very friendly and helpful and professional.

Christaley N. for John Harsh - John was truly my guardian angel through this entire process. When he said that he would hold my hand from beginning to end, he meant it. It was very clear to me extremely early on that I wasn't just "a deal to close" in his eyes. When I couldn't sleep because I was concerned or nervous about something, I was able to text him and there was almost always a response from him when I woke up the next morning. He kept me from hyperventilating about this process NUMEROUS times. I am forever grateful.

William H. for David Porter - David was personal and helpful. He walked us through every step with patience and kindness. He gave us his personal cell phone number so we could contact him even on the weekend and later into the evening as we had a 4 hour time difference. The time difference wasn’t even an issue because David was always available to answer any questions and help us. A huge Thank You to all the folks at Churchill Mortgage!

William H. for Teresa Lott - The knowledge shared was such a great help. You have a wonderful team Thank you so very much.

Michael K. for Kraig Spence - No lender has ever provided the level of comfort and follow-thru with everything they promised as Kraig Spence and his team of experts provided at Churchill Mortgage. Furthermore, no lender has ever offered to continue working in the best interest of their clients to find new programs and opportunities to make homeownership a viable investment. Thank you Churchill Mortgage for the professionalism, promises kept and seamless operations.

Jerad C. for Seth Vanderwey - Everything. Heather and Maureen on Seth’s team are the best. Everyone was just great. Would highly recommend. This is our 5th home purchase and by far the best experience we’ve had start to finish.

Perry A. for Gabriel Lozano - I’m proud to refer Gabriel because he is smart and conscientious and trustworthy! He knows his business and is a standout for many reasons including his attention to detail, communication, follow up and sense of urgency! Great customer service!

Rebecca P. for Mason Whitehead - Mason and his team made us feel like we were very important to them and that they had our best interest in mind. There was a high-quality level of communication from start to finish. We also appreciated how Mason was present for our closing meeting and took the time to have lunch and pray with us afterwards. We had an exceptional experience overall and will certainly recommend Churchill Mortgage to anyone we know!

Debbie R. for Ashley Matthews -  When I began the process of refinancing our home Ashley went above and beyond. She would come by my work to pick up paperwork, and anything that needed to be done from water samples to staying on top of the appraiser was done efficiently and accurately. She ALWAYS had a smile and was very professional. She sat right beside us at closing. From beginning to ending she was right there.

Joshua K. for Joe Detmer -  Joe created a very smooth process and we felt we had someone in our corner every step of the way. As 1st time home buyers, it was very helpful to have Joe be a coach to us. From beginning to end, Joe was an advocate and partner to us, and treated us with respect. I'd recommend Joe to anyone wanting a great experience, and especially anyone new to the process as 1st time home buyers.


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