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Our Smarter Mortgage Combines Apps and Tools to Personalize Your Path to Debt-Free Homeownership

Our Smarter Mortgage provides you stress-free homeownership through custom analytics and personalized guidance from an industry expert.

“When it comes to purchasing a home, everyone has unique needs and deserves a lender that will be a coach and mentor and provide a personalized path to debt-free homeownership,” said Mike Hardwick, president of Churchill Mortgage. “With this in mind, we developed the Smarter Mortgage. It encompasses the heart of a teacher mentality, engaging the homebuyer and providing tools that facilitate better financial decisions before and during and after the home purchase. The result is an educated borrower that chooses the right home and builds wealth over time.”

The Smarter Mortgage is comprised of five dynamic components:

  • HomeScout® - A free mobile app that allows prospective homeowners and borrowers to conveniently explore and discover the latest MLS listings, save favorited properties and quickly contact a local agent or home loan specialist. Available through Home Buyers Marketing II Inc. in the Apple® App Store or Google Play™ Store, HomeScout is an efficient and powerful digital platform that connects people, places and processes, while providing a personal path to the perfect home.
  • Sold Home Alert: Allows prospective homeowners to sign up for a monthly alert, which informs them of homes sold nearby or in an area they are considering to move. Sold Home Alert also allows existing homeowners to compare their home’s value to those nearby or to ones that have recently sold.
  • My Nest Mobile App: Also available for free on the Apple® App Store or Google Play™ Store, the My Nest app serves as a digital journal for homebuyers to share their favorite properties with family, friends and mortgage professionals. This allows prospective homebuyers to engage with mortgage professionals as they narrow their search and prepare to enter the mortgage process.
  • Total Cost Analysis: This allows prospective homebuyers to see specifically-tailored loan options and illustrates multiple loan scenarios comparisons, provides clear breakdowns of costs, interest rates, monthly payments, the benefits of every option and the fastest path to becoming a mortgage-free homeowner.
  • Mortgage Coach: This analysis tool conducts an in-depth loan evaluation of the most appropriate home financing options for you.  It also provides all disclosure requirements, ensuring that the right mortgage is paired with the right person at the right time.

For more information, download the free Smarter Mortgage Plan here

Prefer speaking to actual humans?  So do we!  Talk to a Home Loan Specialist by clicking here.

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