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So far 2020 has proven to be the year of big changes. And with change comes opportunities. Opportunities to see things in a different light, and to recognize the need for meaningful interactions instead of rushing to get through your to-do list each day. We’ve taken this year to get to know our customers better. Through that we’ve discovered the need to grow Churchill Mortgage’s solution-driven loan services even further.

Continued Growth

Unlike other industries, the housing industry has remained constant (or even kicked up a notch) during the pandemic. This has been a blessing to Churchill and all our employees. Churchill has continued to hold steady during a time of turmoil and paved the way for peace of mind for both our customers and employees during this strange time in history.

In response to continued growth, Churchill Mortgage expanded further into Florida’s competitive housing market to support our local customers. Like many other areas in the U.S., Florida’s housing market has seen an uptick as mortgage rates reach a record low and sellers are returning to the housing market which is good news for home buyers.

“Our mission at Churchill Mortgage is to help our clients achieve debt-free homeownership while providing support to create a smooth home buying experience,” said Mike Hardwick, president and CEO of Churchill Mortgage. “We recognize that buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions a person can make, and we strive to help borrowers make thoughtful decisions, especially in competitive markets like Florida.”

Leading the helm in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida is Churchill’s Florida Market Director, Cory Alexander. He is focused on hiring top-notch people who are dedicated to helping customers achieve financial goals through buying or refinancing homes, as well as finding new employees who believe in the mission of Churchill Mortgage.

Better for the Encounter

At Churchill Mortgage, we’ve used 2020 as a steppingstone to bigger and better things. We’ve been able to expand our digital services to customers and real estate partners, hire more employees across the U.S. to meet the needs of our clients, and continue our mission of helping people achieve the real American Dream of debt-free homeownership.

“Everyone is carrying around some baggage, so at Churchill we focus on giving people hope. Our mission of helping families get on the smarter path to owning their home free and clear inspires hope. This is a goal that most people don’t ever dream is possible. It is a huge ambition, but it IS achievable,” shared Matt Clarke, COO of Churchill Mortgage.

Leadership Matters

The Churchill Mortgage leadership team has always been in tune with their employees at each branch but during the pandemic, they each stepped even more to meet the needs of our employees by pivoting the way teams work together:

  • Working remotely but closer than ever
  • Streamlining processes that may have worked before the pandemic but now need to be readjusted
  • Guiding Churchill teammates during a time of uncertainty

During this time, the Churchill leadership team also focused externally on our clients to make sure our clients were able to move forward with:

Transparency is key, especially in a world filled with uncertainty, frustration, confusion, and often misguidance.

“There are many mortgage companies in the United States, but the leadership team and who I work with every day is what truly makes the difference,” explained Cory Alexander. “Churchill is just what families in Florida need—a company that is service driven not just profit driven.”

We’re actively looking for Home Loan Specialists who fit into the culture of Churchill Mortgage in the Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa areas. If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you!

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