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Realtors: Is this Marketing Mistake Costing You Business?

If you need something, just ask.” We’ve heard it a thousand times. In today’s digital landscape, there’s more opportunity than ever for real estate professionals to expand their business, just by asking.

What is this secret to marketing success? Testimonials. By showcasing positive experiences past clients have had with you as a real estate agent, this year can be your most profitable year yet!

As people rely on reviews more than ever before deciding to go into business with someone, it makes sense that testimonials would be key in marketing your services as a Realtor. So, what are the best testimonials and how do you market them well?

Start by Asking.

That seems simple enough, right? The truth is many people don’t leave a review or a testimonial simply because no one asked them to! By directly asking your client to send you a testimonial, you have a much higher chance of them following through and typing up the review.

Now, when we say directly, we mean directly. Sending them a link in an email or asking them to take a survey on your website can be helpful (we’ll talk more about that later) but it won’t give you the same return as calling or even asking clients face to face.

Once you’ve asked your buyers or sellers to give you a testimonial and they agree, it’s important to plan to follow up with them regarding what they wrote. This will help them to take the testimonial more seriously and it also shows you’re committed to fully understanding their experience with you as a Realtor.

Incorporate Video Testimonials.

What’s even better than a written testimonial from a client? A video testimonial. Let your past clients talk about their home buying or selling process with you as a Realtor. They can discuss why they chose to work with you, what the best part of working with you was, and why they trust you as their real estate agent. This will help prospective buyers or sellers to feel connected to you since they’re able to see and hear the stories of past clients.

Be sure to let your clients tell their whole experience. If there were things they wish you had done differently, it’s okay for them to talk about that! It shows validity of their experience and gives you space to grow as a Realtor. Follow up on any negative feedback so your clients can see your willingness to do better and learn.

Add a Link to Your Emails.

While this isn’t going to get you as much feedback as a direct ask, it’s still very beneficial. Some of your clients may be busy or just aren’t “review type” people. Giving them a passive option to provide feedback at their leisure will still be of benefit to you, even if it’s not immediate! Just add a link to a review page in your email signature and let your clients know how grateful you are for them sharing their experience with you!

Remember, a great testimonial will discuss the positive aspects of choosing you as a Realtor, what sets you apart from the competition, and how you took your client’s unique situation and goals into account when helping them buy or sell.

Now that you have ways to gather testimonials, how do you utilize them to your advantage? Here’s four ways:

1. Dedicate a Page of Your Website to Testimonials: Make sure prospective clients have a place to find feedback while they’re browsing your website. By showcasing all your testimonials and reviews in one place, future clients will be able to break down what they’re looking for based on buyers’ and sellers’ categories. Create a page that catches the eye by keeping things clean, simple, and straightforward.

2. Promote Positive Reviews on Social Media: When a client has nice things to say about you, it’s important to post to your business social accounts! Social media matters because it’s an easy way to expand your market. People can share your posts and refer friends who may be looking to buy or sell. Plus, when you tag a former client in a post about their testimonial, it may show up on their social newsfeed, increasing your reach even more!

3. Create an Email Campaign: For a real estate agent, an email database is like gold! Don’t be afraid to compile a few of your favorite testimonials and send them out in an email. This works especially well for video testimonials, as people are more likely to watch a short video than read a long email! Don’t forget to add in a link for potential clients to connect with you and see how your conversion rate rises!

4. Utilize National Real Estate Sites: As a Realtor, you probably have a profile on a national site. Whether you use Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, or another site, don’t forget to update your page with testimonials and reviews! Many people search these sites before finding personal websites, making them a fantastic resource for future clients.

Testimonials are one of the top marketing tools a Realtor can use to grow your business. It also helps to partner with people who want to make a positive impact in the lives of their clients. If you’re a Realtor looking to partner with a mortgage company that puts people over profits, reach out to Churchill Mortgage.

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