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20 Blog Ideas All Successful Realtors Use

Exposure is essential for Realtors to gather leads. While relying on referrals is fantastic, you have other options to help grow your business. Many real estate agents are utilizing social media more and more to expand their sphere of influence. Another way to do that is by blogging.

Using SEO to your advantage can help you crawl up the pages of Google AND help you grow your business. But keeping content fresh can be tough. That’s why we compiled a list of blog topics to keep your readers interested and ready to work with you!

Community Happenings

1. Events Around Town: People looking to buy love to see what a town has to offer. Showcase family friendly gatherings, charity events, and singles meet and greets to give a wide range for potential clients.

2. Nightlife: This is a great blog topic, especially if you work in a metropolitan area or in commercial real estate. Giving ideas of what city dwellers can expect or things to do with clients is always helpful.

3. Schools: Potential buyers will be looking to see what the schools in different neighborhoods are like. Showcasing schools and how they’re faring with things like test scores and teacher retention is always a plus.

4. Seasonal Activities: Different areas will open and close different activities such as pools, camps, skating rinks, etc. at different times. Keep clients notified of those dates.

5. Events You’ve Attended: Make a list of your personal favorite events in an area, or events you personally are sponsoring or attending. You never know who will want to meet you!

Education for Buyers

6. Property Taxes: First-time and veteran home buyers alike may not understand everything that comes along with property taxes. Educate them in an easy-to-understand way and you’ll be their go-to Realtor!

7. HOA: Not everyone has lived somewhere with a Homeowner’s Association. Some people don’t even know what HOA stands for. A blog explaining what HOA’s do for a community and what is required of residents in that area is an awesome way to engage.

8. Current Market: Since the market is ever changing, giving periodic updates to clients and readers is a great idea! Tips on how to have their offer accepted in a competitive market and how to be patient while home shopping are always helpful.

9. Answer Questions: Consolidate some of the questions you’re asked most often and answer them in a blog. If your clients are wondering, then odds are the general public is as well!

10. Appraisals: Since appraisals are one of the most important parts of the home buying process, it’s a good idea to give an overview of how they work and what a buyer can expect if the appraisal doesn’t come back the way they hoped.

Education for Sellers

11. Home Value: With so many simple upgrades that can help to up the value of a home, why not share your top tips and tricks?

12. Open Houses: Help home sellers get “show ready” with the best ways to prepare their home for an Open House.

13. Curb Appeal: It isn’t just the interior of the home that matters when it comes to home value. Make sure people know how to make their home look it’s very best on the outside with landscaping and exterior maintenance ideas.

14. Quick Sale: Give sellers some lessons on what to do when their home sells faster than they thought it would.

15. Inspection: Your seller may not have sold a home before. Letting them know what to expect during the inspection process and what they can do to prepare will be incredibly beneficial.


16. Home Buyer: Interview a client who bought a home with you. Ask them about their experience and what they learned while buying a home. You can also ask them what they would’ve done differently.

17. Home Seller: Interview a past seller who you worked with. Let them share what it was like to work with you and give their best tips on staying organized while selling a home.

18. Non-Profit: Highlight a local non-profit that you work with or donate to. This gives people the opportunity to see you give back to the community you work in.

19. Local Business: Showcase a small business or restaurant you love. You can even do a weekly series so people can get to know the areas you serve!

20. Realtor Services: Let people know what they should look for when they choose a real estate agent. Give them advice on what qualities their Realtor should have and how to develop a great working relationship with their agent.

Did you know we have an entire website dedicated to Agent Resources? Churchill Mortgage values the professionals who help our clients become homeowners and we want to do everything we can to help you succeed! Learn more here.

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