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Listing Photo Mistakes You Should Avoid as an Agent

There's never a dull moment in the world of real estate. You've probably seen everything from quirky clients to unfortunate surprises during home inspections. Let’s dive into the realm of photo mistakes found in listings—those unintentionally hilarious (and sometimes frustrating) mishaps that make you wonder, "What were they thinking?" 

Over-Filtration Phenomenon

Like Instagram selfies that are just a tad too perfect, an over-filtered listing photo can be misleading. Then, your clients will feel like they just got catfished after stepping into the home. Like a dating profile, we all appreciate a little touch-up, but always let the home's genuine charm shine through!

Filter phenomenon

The Wide-Angle Warp

You know how some folks use those clever angles to appear a tad taller online? A room that seems sprawling in photos but feels snug in person is the real estate equivalent. Capturing the essence is key, but keep the room's proportions grounded in reality.

The Hidden Treasure

Have you ever seen a listing photo where the agent's reflection pops up in unexpected places? There they are, unintentionally striking a pose in a window, glass cabinet, or even the TV screen. It's like a game of "Where's Waldo?" but with your friendly real estate agent! Be aware of your reflection while you're photographing, or make a plan to edit them out before posting.


Credit: badmlsphotos.com

The DIY Disaster

DIY enthusiasts - we love their passion. But showcasing a room with a half-finished project isn't the way to go. Buyers want a finished product, not a sneak peek into their home improvement journey. Ensure the area is picked up and not covered with tools and DIY supplies before taking photos.

Going Nova

Natural light is great, but there's no need to make it look like the sun is sitting right outside the window. Let's keep it bright but believable. Too much light can obscure features or even make them vanish altogether.

Going Nova

The Time Travel Trap

Using a decades-old decor trend is like proudly displaying that great picture you took in your twenties - nostalgic but not always relevant. Unless you're intentionally showcasing a retro vibe, consider replacing the home seller's decor with rental decor before taking your photos.

Cluttered Catastrophes

A cluttered room in a listing can be similar to that one friend's selfie with 'laundry day' all over the floor. Buyers want to be able to envision themselves in the home by looking at the listing photos - but a cluttered home is like a game of "I Spy: Real Estate Edition." Be sure the seller understands their responsibility to tidy up so they can attract more buyers.


Credit: zillow.com

The Mysterious Crop

Remember those photos where someone's hand is suspiciously lingering on the shoulder, but the person is missing? A listing photo that carefully omits the nearby freeway might raise eyebrows. Let the photo tell the full story. Otherwise, you'll end up wasting buyers' time and your own!

Photoshop Fantasy

Last but not least, the Photoshop maestros among us deserve a special mention. We've all seen those listings where houses levitate in mid-air, perched on mountaintops, or seem to exist in a parallel universe. Photoshop is great for minor edits, but don't get too heavy-handed, or you'll end up with something out of a sci-fi movie.

photoshop fail


Ultimately, it's essential to remember that potential buyers will eventually step foot into the home. Just like online dating – sooner or later, you'll meet in person. It's best not to waste their time with a "profile" that's too far from the truth.

While these mistakes are good for a chuckle, they're also a reminder of the importance of professional photography and attention to detail in our industry. After all, authenticity goes a long way in making a genuine connection and forming long-lasting real estate relationships! 

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