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Realtors: Help Your Buyers Save in September

Listen up, Realtors! It’s time to text those buyers who just can’t decide and tell them the end of September is THE BEST time to put in an offer!

It’s true! According to realtor.com, the real estate market is most likely to work in buyers’ favor from September 25th through October 1st. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Increased inventory is expected. You already know that early fall has more available homes for sale, but this year there’s a 12.9% increase expected. That means the end of September can have about 780,000 listings!
  • Your buyers can get more bang for their buck. You’re always looking to help your clients get the best deal on their dream home. The past year and a half has made it tough on buyers, with people paying way over asking price. It’s likely that prices will drop the last week of September which can help buyers save up to $20,000.
  • Better options to buy. Have you ever gone to schedule a showing just to find out the home is already under contract? That’s been a huge issue for Realtors the past couple of years. Luckily, the market should slow down by 21.1% next week, with homes on the market for an average of 40 days rather than 31. This will give your clients a bit of breathing room when making an offer. (Just don’t let them wait too long!)
  • More opportunity to win a bidding war. With late spring and summer being peak home buying season, many homes get multiple offers. As we head into fall and people go back to school and the office, demand should be almost 27% slower than usual. This is good news for Realtors trying to get a buyer’s offer accepted!

We are still in a very competitive market, even as we come upon the best buying week of the year. As a real estate professional, you saw the low interest rates of the past 24 months and probably thought, “this is great, but it can’t last.” Those of us in the mortgage industry thought the same. However, even with fluctuating rates, we want nothing more than to see your clients achieve the dream of homeownership. Check out the ways we help your buyers do just that:

  1. We put people over profits. This means we work to put your client on a smarter mortgage plan, helping them build wealth through homeownership. We build a relationship with them and invest in their future by learning their goals and working with their budget.
  1. Our Home Loan Specialists have the heart of a teacher. Not all clients are financially ready to buy. We set them up for success as they take the necessary steps to pay off debts or save money toward a down payment. We also show them all home loan options available to them, and work with them to see the pros and cons of each.
  1. Churchill offers programs that make home buying as stress-free as possible. This includes the Churchill exclusive Home Buyer Edge program. Here’s what it has to offer:
  • Churchill Certified Home Buyer: Considered the gold-standard of pre-approvals, this gives your client the same advantages of a cash buyer and makes their offer more attractive to home sellers.
  • Rate Secured: This allows your buyer to lock in their interest rate for up to 90 days. If rates go up, theirs won’t. But, if rates go down, they can get the lower interest rate. And if they don’t find a home by the end of the first 90 days, we can reset for another 90!
  • $5,000 Seller Guarantee: If the purchase falls through for any reason related to financing, Churchill Mortgage will offer the seller $5,000 (in addition to your client’s escrow money).

Most importantly, we work with you on behalf of your buyer. It is imperative to us that every Realtor and client we work with trusts us to help you both win. The investment of buying a home is a life-changing event, and it’s one that can change the financial legacy of a family. That’s why we partner with Realtors, like you, to show them that buying a home is about so much more than making a mortgage payment.

Don’t let your buyers stay on the fence too long, reach out to them today to put that offer in next week!

*The Churchill Certified Home Buyer program is not a commitment to lend funds and is not an approval but is a conditional approval subject to your acceptance of the terms and the conditions being fully satisfied prior to closing. All conditions are subject to final underwriting and final investor approval. The certification is subject to the financial status and credit report(s) of everyone on the application remaining substantially the same until closing, an acceptable contract of sale on a suitable property, collateral (the appraisal, title, survey, condition, and insurance) satisfies the requirements of the lender and loan selected is still available in the market. All closing conditions of the lender must be satisfied including the clear transfer of the title, acceptable and adequate title and hazard insurance, flood certification, and any inspections that are required by the real estate contract.

*Rate Secured is available on 30-year conventional conforming and high-balance fixed-rate loans. Rate Secured is not available on investment property home loans.

Seller Guarantee is for qualifying borrowers and select loan types only and are not available in all states or locations. Offer only valid on home loans closing on or before December 31st, 2022.

Source: Source: https://www.realtor.com/research/best-time-to-buy-2022

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